Our Story

The Planet Made Us Do It

Meet the Founder

Childhood is a time of wonder and imagination.

A native of New York and France, Louise Ulukaya was always well versed in the magical qualities of sustainable materials. Inherently curious, and after her son Miran was born in 2018, she began wondering, why couldn’t kid’s clothing care? Why can’t we give our most precious little humans the gift of wearing clothes that are actually not harming the planet and that are good for them? And with that spirit of wonder, the Mon Coeur journey began – to imagine a world where the planet comes first, making kinder clothing for earth-loving kids.

After years of researching and tinkering, Louise crafted a brand that cares for the environment, respects the people making it, and that looks and feels good while being accessible. The outcome? An entirely new category of kids' clothing spun from reclaimed organic cotton fiber, soft and cozy fabrics that are made with care, down to every last fiber. Inspired by natural materials, and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way for a long-lasting planet.

Mon Coeur™ clothes come from a place where imagination meets ingenuity, where fun meets function. Built for a brighter future that children will not only imagine, but that will become their reality. Where their animal friends have clean air and water, free of pollution and plastic. Our clothing is made for that world. We’re dedicated to making kids clothing that lasts, so that our planet does, too.

Technology Footprint

Using the latest innovations, from the world’s leading research institutions, labs and scientists our fabrics, labels, embroideries, zippers, buttons and hangtags are derived from recycled and up-cycled materials.

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Through our collaboration with 1% For the Planet, we are building a better future by supporting ocean and beach cleanups, tree planting and supporting communities which are disproportionately affected by climate change.

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New Again Program

We repurpose and up-cyle your babies and kids used clothes to avoid waste going to landfills and using more energy and water to create new from scratch when we can create new from existing materials.

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Imagine if the fabric for kids clothes could be reclaimed from the atelier floor of more grown-up garments. What if buttons and zippers could help to keep plastic out of the ocean? Could we close the loop on kids’ clothing?

That’s wearing our heart, on your sleeve.