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Discover our FW23 collection - a warm and inviting assortment designed to make your season extra cozy and Back to School so stylish.

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For each purchase 1% goes to the restoration of the natural environment

As a proud member of 1% For the Planet, your purchase contributes to environmental causes to protect the environment and our beautiful planet.

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Mon Coeur empowers kids to start making a material difference in a world on fire. To positively affect the future they’ll inherit
Our vision is to change the way of consuming when it comes to kids clothing.
It's clear the Mon Coeur takes sustainability seriously....it adheres to an impressively high standard of environmental responsibility.
This company is about so much more than just selling clothes. They focus on two central goals: caring for our planet and caring for our children
Today’s dress code requires versatility. Think mini skirts, long sleeves, joggers, cardigans, and fall-forward staples.
Mon Coeur is a new, earth-friendly children’s clothing brand that produces sustainable, absolutely beautiful clothing

Why Mon Coeur?

Made to last

Pairing sustainability and high quality materials, our pieces are made to withstand the wear and tear of day-to-day activity.

Made for comfort

Spun from reclaimed organic cotton fiber, our soft and cozy fabrics are made with care, down to every last fiber.

Made to be cute

We don’t believe that you have to sacrifice style, or comfort, for sustainable living.

Our Impact

Wear Mon Coeur. Save the planet.

We're in business to save the planet. The climate crisis is an existential threat, and every part of Mon Coeur’s business is implicated. We must radically reduce carbon emissions by transforming how we make our products. We must also double down on our work to help communities get off fossil fuels and protect nature, the original climate solution. And we must demand nothing short of systemic change from government and industry. The fight is on every front. And your help can make the difference.

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Our Story

The Planet Made Us Do It

Childhood is a time of wonder and imagination. Mon Coeur™ clothes come from a place where imagination meets ingenuity, where fun meets function. Built for a brighter future that children will not only imagine, but that will become their reality. Where their animal friends have clean air and water, free of pollution and plastic. Our clothing is made for that world. We’re dedicated to making kids clothing that lasts, so that our planet does, too.

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New Again Program

For A More Sustainable Tomorrow

Help us keep clothes and shoes out of landfills by cleaning out your closet as we repurpose and up-cycle your babies and kids used clothes. This way we also avoid using more energy and water to create new ones from existing materials.

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The Fall Needs Something Super Cozy and Warm

Intended for Back to School fall and winter season, our selection has everything to keep your kids warm and comfortable.

Customer reviews

Lots of love and 5-star reviews! Read what our amazing customers are saying about Mon Coeur.

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Alia S.

LOVE the environmental impact!

We love that these shirts are made from plastic bottles! 

Hank T.

Best piece of clothing ive got for my son

Best piece of clothing I've got for my son. Quality I could feel and see! If you made it in adult size, I'd buy one for myself.

Kelly B

Love the quality of the clothing and the design

Love the quality of the clothing and the design. Purchasing clean produced clothing is priority for me so to find such beautiful children's clothing that is also environmentally responsible was a win, win. Thank you so much!

Jamie Y.

The style is clean and playful and fit very well.

The style is clean and playful and fit very well. I love that it is easy to maintain, pop in the washer, and it looks new after 15 washes!

Kristal F.

My daughter loves her new sweatshirt!

My daughter loves her new sweatshirt! Cozy, warm, and great quality! 

Nelda J.

They thought of everything. 

Amazing quality! Even better than expected. Loved the earth friendly tags and pin attached to the tee. They thought of everything. 

Kecia F.

Such impressive items and I love that they're made with such care to our world as well. 

I bought the shirt and pants as a gift for a wonderful one year old neighbor. The packing the items came in was just lovely and the quality was so soft and just absolutely beautiful. Such impressive items and I love that they're made with such care to our world as well. 

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100% Sustainably Made

Our fabrics are made of recycled content, including cotton and upcycled plastic bottles.

100% Earth Loving

Made with the softest and safest fabrics and designed to be cute.

More trees please

We pledge 1% of sales to 1% for the Planet to restore the natural environment

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