Stylish Middle School Outfits for Boys and Girls

Stylish Middle School Outfits for Boys and Girls

Here are seven stylish items and outfits for teenage girls and boys to stay on top of their game in 2021.

We all remember how hard it was to be a teenager. It’s even harder when you aren’t equipped with the right clothes and accessories that boost confidence and make you feel accepted.

Fashion for teens should be about exploring boundaries, trying new things, expressing themselves, and most importantly, about feeling good in their clothes. Trying out recent trends that their peers may be wearing can help your teen feel a part of something and tap into the facets of the personality, personal style, and what they really like.

The most effective teen wardrobe is one that covers the basics. Teens grow quickly, styles and trends change, and for the most part, teens are pretty active and need quality clothes that will stand up against their activities, their environments, and be comfortable.

Here are the top ten items we consider necessary for the teen wardrobe and how to style them. Most of these items are gender-neutral, can be found secondhand or made of recycled materials, and are perfect for any teen, be they he, she, or they.

  • Neutral hoodie — This can be white, off-white, or grey. However, we feel the lighter the hoodie, the more versatile it is with today’s trends.
  • Plain White T-shirt — Having a few well-made plain white tees in your child’s wardrobe will help push their specialty clothing items even further.
  • The Fitted Blazer — A fitted blazer can be dressed up or down.
  • Well-fitting jeans — Tailored jeans will tie any outfit together, whether it is casual or semi-casual. A pair of quality, well cared for jeans makes all the difference.
  • Flannel T-shirts — Buffalo check in black, navy, or red are all the rage right now and can be the perfect clothing items that can go from outfit to accessory.
  • Tracksuit — Athleisure wear will always be in style, and a comfy tracksuit is no exception as long as it is styled correctly and made of quality material.
  • A Quality DressFor girls, a simple dress in a solid color, possibly with pockets or some fun embroidery, is an awesome addition to any wardrobe. These can be layered with tights, long-sleeves, and sweaters for the cooler weather, and worn on their own when it’s warm. 
  • Classic Basketball Sneakers — You can’t go wrong with these iconic sneakers. In fact, they are a staple wardrobe item for all teens and young adults alike. Try a classic black pair or go for something bold as they come in all colors and designs these days. You can even create your own custom pair online.
  • White Sneakers — White sneakers seem to never go out of style. They can pull almost any outfit together by helping to create those stark, clean lines we crave.

The Oversized Neutral Hoodie

Our number one favorite item that should be in every teenager’s style arsenal? The white or neutral hoodie. Here’s one of the best ways to style a neutral hoodie.

A white or neutral oversized hoodie, maybe with a fun, modern graphic, is sure to pop against any standard pair of jeans. Plus, when you pair it with a slick set of matching tennis shoes, you can pull the whole outfit together.

  • Try a tee underneath that adds a pop of color.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum with this outfit. 

For girls, a fun, bright crunchy worn on the wrist or used in a high pony can be the cherry on top. A simple 18-inch thin gold chain necklace with an initial would be precious and perfect.

For boys, add a brightly colored band on a smartwatch or Fitbit that coordinates with some brightly colored socks for a peep effect that ties the whole outfit together.

The Fitted Blazer

Here’s where you can go bold. The gender-neutral clothing item can be a classic capsule piece or be a bold statement piece.

Teenagers grow quickly, especially teenage boys. It can be hard to plan for the growth spurts, but making sure there’s room in their wardrobe for growth is a must.

When it comes to purchasing a fitted blazer, it’s absolutely okay to purchase one with slightly bigger shoulders and slightly longer sleeves or hems. There are many stylish ways your teen can wear and enjoy their blazer before they “grow into it.”

  • Choose a navy or black blazer. A dark color goes with all occasions and can be dressed up or down as your child needs it. Our favorite way to style a fitted blazer for a teen is over an oversized neutral hoodie with a neutral tone tee underneath. 
  • The perfect additions to this outfit are a pair of tapered leg jeans for the fellas or skinny jeans for the gals and some bright white kicks that tie the whole look together.
  • A sports watch is an excellent accessory for boys, and a mini backpack for girls will complete the look.

This outfit is perfect for the cooler days of fall. What if your teen runs into a situation where they need to be slightly dressy in this outfit? Simply remove the hoodie, roll up the sleeves on the blazer, and let the plain white Tee and blazer combo work perfectly for business casual.

The Flannel Shirt

The flannel shirt is one of our most favorite trends in fashion right now: comfortable, cozy, easy to care for, and versatile.

For Girls

Try it tied around the waist with some fitted jeans, a crop top, and some black booties. This is a modernized version of the 90’s grunge flannel look. 

A flannel shirt can be worn buttoned up, unbuttoned, or knotted around the waist. It goes well with a pair of cut off shorts or even a black or army green skirt.

For Boys

The flannel should be slightly oversized so your teen can wear it slouchy. Button it up, pair it with some fitted jeans and a beanie for a lumberjack look or open it up with a white tee and a jean jacket over the top for a casual look.

The Hoodie and Track Pants Duo

Another gender-neutral trend, but one that is especially popular amongst the guys, is a hoodie and sweatpants combo. Perfect for any weather and for those days when you want to look coordinated, but comfort is your primary concern.

When it comes to rocking a coordinated tracksuit, it is all about the details.

  • Choose a clean and coordinating shoe
  • Coordinated ankle socks maybe with a brand logo or a simple white pair
  • A smartwatch or sport watch
  • The perfect pair of sunnies

Pull your tracksuit together with simple white basics or color coordinate every detail for a comfortable pop of color.

An Entirely White Ensemble

This is a fun one. Both girls and guys can jump on board with this trend. 

For the Girls

Keep it boho by layering up. Try a white eyelet blouse with a white flowy skirt, and finally, pair with a brown or black broad brim hat. 

Keep accessories neutral but whimsical — Layered necklaces, a wrist full of textural bracelets. Espadrilles or white tennis shoes will pull the look together.

For the Guys

Pair white canvas pants or dress pants with a white button-down, a white hoodie, and white tennis shoes. 

White on white may seem like a hassle, but with the proper care and the right fabrics, your teen can be well dressed and at the height of teenage fashion.

Teen Style Should Be Versatile and Comfortable

No matter what school your teen goes to or what their friend group is like, teen style should be comfortable, fit their growing and changing bodies, be made of quality, sustainable materials, and help them express themselves along the way.

There is nothing more powerful for a teen than being able to coordinate the perfect outfit for their mood that expresses their personal identity and style. While the trends may change from season to season, investing in quality, lasting pieces that are timeless and have a little room to grow will definitely get the most wear for your teen.

This doesn’t mean disregarding statement pieces or niche pieces. Your teen will love a few on-trend statement pieces, but as a parent, you should be aware that these pieces go out of style quickly and aren’t always built to last.

Invest in your teen’s confidence by sourcing quality, long-lasting pieces you’ll be proud they are wearing and that they’ll love.


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