Ring Bearer Outfit Guide: How to Choose What to Wear

Ring Bearer Outfit Guide: How to Choose What to Wear

As we all know, weddings require a lot of planning to make that perfect day possible, and that goes beyond venue reservations, registries, and champagne.

It’s important that everyone looks their best on the big day and that everyone from the groomsmen to the flower girl is dressed immaculately. That includes the ring bearer, who plays a crucial role in the ceremony!

If your child has been chosen as the ring bearer for an upcoming wedding, it’s an exciting revelation. However, it’s also quite a responsibility to the bride, groom, and everyone involved in the event – ring bearers need to be on point with their etiquette and appearance. You’ve got some work to do on your end, and we’re here to help you out.

Let’s talk about the significance of the ring bearer, and more specifically, how you should dress your young man or little lady so that they look extra sharp on that all-important day.

Ring Bearer Traditions

From beginning to end, a wedding ceremony is steeped in tradition. While many modern families choose to introduce or remove certain aspects of the wedding event, some traditions are just too cute to exclude, such as the ring bearer.

Here’s how it usually works. Once the groom is at the altar, they await the arrival of the ring bearer, who shortly follows them down the aisle and presents them with the rings that seal the deal.

They may carry the wedding bands on a small pillow or in a fancy little case. While some adults trust the little one with these important items, the bands are often imitation pieces that are only meant to symbolically represent the real ones.

The ring bearer might also be accompanied by some other young attendants dressed in similar formalwear and will usually be followed up by flower girls who toss petals along the aisle in a display of color and joy. The flower girls and bridesmaids are finally followed by the bride herself. 

Remember that every wedding is a little different, and the bride and groom are ultimately the ones calling the shots when it comes to procedure, etiquette, the flow of the ceremony, etc.

If you’re a parent and your young one has the honor of being the ring bearer, it never hurts to ask all your questions ahead of time and figure out exactly what needs to be done to make sure everything goes exactly according to plan on the big day.

The Right Little One for the Job

The traditional age for a ring bearer is between 4 and 8 years old. This is the age when young boys have the mental and physical awareness necessary to know their role in the context of a wedding and can walk down the aisle without mishaps.

Some little guys might be naturally shy at this age, while others love the spotlight! You don’t want to put your son in a position that makes him scared or uncomfortable, so be sure to read his reaction when you explain the situation to him and maybe do some sort of test run beforehand.

Don’t worry about the perfect performance and go easy on the little guy if he gets confused or makes a mistake. The pressure is on for everyone at the wedding ceremony, so it’s normal to get nervous.

Do everything you can to prepare him ahead of time and make sure he feels comfortable at the ceremony. That means giving him a snack, ensuring he goes to the bathroom, and making sure that he’s looking spiffy from head to toe!

Classic Boys Ring Bearer Outfits

It’s time to talk outfits, which is where many parents find themselves scratching their heads. What is the ring bearer supposed to wear, and what’s the best way to find these fancy clothes for your little one?

By far the best approach to dressing your ring bearer is to coordinate ahead of time with the groomsmen who will be attending the wedding event. Groomsmen plan their looks in advance and get their matching orders from the bride and groom themselves. That means they have the inside scoop on what to wear, so listen up.

Once again, it all comes down to the overall aesthetic and style of the wedding, and there’s a lot of variation in modern ceremonies. Some are very formal, meaning that you should coordinate a tuxedo for your ring bearer, while others are more of a sport-jacket and khaki type of affair.

Gather dress code information from the event planners so that your ring bearer is spot-on with his or her outfit. This will leave no room for error and make everyone’s lives much easier on the day of the ceremony.

The most common ring bearer outfit is a little two-piece suit, typically navy, but also sometimes white, black, or grey. These outfits usually do not necessitate a tie, but a bowtie is considered a nice touch, especially when matched with suspenders.

Black or brown dress shoes or loafers will be your best bet in terms of footwear, but be sure to ask around to be sure you make the right picks.

Since the ring bearer is usually half the height of the groomsmen, it’s okay if they aren’t 100% coordinated down to every single detail and accessory. For instance, if the groomsmen wear three-piece suits with pocket squares, the ring bearer might not need those exact items, as long as the general color scheme and aesthetics are achieved.

Outfits for Girl Ring Bearer

If your young lady is chosen as the ring bearer, you can typically coordinate her look with the bridesmaids or the flower girls who will also be attending the ceremony.

A cute white or pink dress will usually do the job, and you can try some unique hairstyle or accessories to really show off some style.

Perhaps your girl is a proud tomboy and wants to wear a suit and bowtie just like the rest of the lads. That’s acceptable as well, of course, and there should be no problems finding a suitable outfit for this situation.

Boy or girl, spring or summer, you’ll always want to double (or triple) check with the event hosts to make sure they sign off on the outfit you choose and get their blessing. Send photos, texts, talk on the phone – whatever it takes to get the green light!

Pick Your Clothes Wisely

You might have the perfect vision of a ring bearer outfit in mind, but where are you supposed to find these types of threads for your little one without overspending or wasting time?

Wedding clothes rental establishments are probably your best option, but if you have an entire wedding season ahead of you and many ring bearer appearances planned, it’s worth investing in something you can own.

It might be hot out there in the summer sun, so opt for organic cotton shirts, slacks, and jackets if you can. This will keep the young man cool as a cucumber during the big day.

Also, be sure to have a sturdy and acceptable t-shirt on hand so that your ring bearer can change out of his formalwear when the job is done. He might not want to be in those fancy clothes all day long!


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