The Best Eco-Friendly Gifts: Green Sustainable Gift Guide

The Best Eco-Friendly Gifts: Green Sustainable Gift Guide

Birthdays, holidays, special occasions – there are so many opportunities to give gifts to the people we love, but the perfect gift idea always seems to escape us!

You want to give something meaningful that they will actually use, but that’s easier said than done. That’s why we suggest you go for eco-friendly gifts every time.

These are goods that not only make your friends and family feel appreciated, but they’ll also love the fact that they’re sustainably sourced and minimize harm to the environment.

Ready to give the ultimate gifts to everyone in your life this year? Bookmark this guide and follow our tips, so you always hit the mark.

Gifts to Make Life Easier

We live in a truly blessed time with many modern conveniences, but there are plenty of items that can save time, money, and help protect the earth at the same time. These are the gifts that will never just sit on the shelf. They’re practical, functional, and totally sustainable.

Start by brainstorming some everyday items that we all use, and use that as a springboard for sustainable gift ideas.

For example, a set of groovy reusable grocery bags will help minimize the use of plastic bags from the store and serve as a fashion statement for those who love the health-food lifestyle.

A high-quality water bottle is great for that guy or gal who is always talking about how important it is to stay hydrated and is all about at-home water filtration.

Resealable sandwich bags, recycled plasticware, and reusable steel straws are perfect for that family that just moved into a new house and needs to bulk up their kitchen gear.

If it makes life just a little easier and helps the planet in the meantime, you’ve got a stellar gift that will absolutely satisfy.

Health and Wellbeing Gifts

It’s something that we only seem to be just figuring out in the modern era: health is wealth, and it’s one of the very most important things in life.

If you can give a gift that promotes the health of the body, mind, and soul, you can’t go wrong! Even if your person doesn’t consider themselves to be a health nut, these are gifts that they will appreciate and enjoy no matter what.

What gifts promote health and wellbeing, you ask? There are endless options, and many of them are designed specifically with sustainable practices and supply chains.

You can give the gift of a health-tracking wearable device or a piece of gear that helps them get better sleep at night. These are the types of gifts that might not seem super exciting at first, but can help someone really turn their health around 180 degrees.

It’s also never a bad call to give some organic cosmetics, creams, balms, or salves to someone who appreciates the outer beauty aspect of health as well. Man or woman, who doesn’t love a great moisturizer made from holistic, unique ingredients from the earth?

Gifts for Atmosphere and Aesthetics

Our homes should be a sanctuary for us and our families, and that means making it beautiful and comfortable with pleasant, eco-friendly items.

What type of gift can you give that makes their living space calmer and more Zen? There are tons of good picks to choose from.

The best gift in this category is a no-brainer: plants!

You can find cute, long-lasting house plants easily online or in your city, so go pick out something that they can care for and improve the quality of life in their living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

We also love oil diffusers, which are very much in vogue at the moment.

Some are powered by electricity and come with a vaporizing component, while others are simply operated by nature! Incense, candles, essential oils – these are all great options that they’ll love instantly. Just make sure you’re choosing an option that will be compatible with the family’s lifestyle—for example, if they have young children, you may want to avoid a vaporizer oil diffuser.

Custom artwork is another wonderful gift to consider, and it’s something they can hang on their wall and appreciate every day. Find a local artist who paints lovely scenes of nature or creates art from organic materials by hand. You’ll be supporting people in your community and promoting nothing but good vibes in the process.

Finally, take a look at mini compost kits, which are finally hitting the mainstream. These are very cool to have in the home and can even teach kids about the importance of recycling and sustainability in general.

Digital Only Gifts

If they’ve already got a house full of healthy food, plants, and perfect aesthetic arrangements, there’s no need to give them more physical stuff. Perhaps they’re minimalists, and they don’t want any sort of clutter at all! Digital gifts are a great pick if that’s the case, and there are countless options to be discovered.

Perhaps they love listening and learning new things – an audiobook subscription is the right gift for them. Maybe they are into meditation and spirituality, and they would love a subscription to an app that does guided prayer or meditation.

Are they all about old movies but have no interest in collecting DVDs? Give them a few months of a premium film subscription service, so they always have something interesting to watch on movie night.

The great thing about digital gifts is that they leave absolutely no trace, and they are instantly delivered via email. What could be more efficient and eco-friendly than that?

Something for the Kids

When kids come into the picture, it’s truly all about them, and every parent appreciates a gift that helps them keep children happy, healthy, and inspired.

A great example is a toy or some supplies that keep children occupied and entertained. Eco-friendly kids’ stuff is here at last, and there are many classic variations, including fire trucks, art materials, dolls, and more.

Parents can play with these things alongside their children or perhaps just take a break and let them play on their own – a nice break, indeed!

Baby toys, stuffed animals, and other little trinkets can be found, made from quality materials rather than cheap plastic.

Of course, you can always give a gift that never misses - beautiful, sustainable children’s clothes.

Find clothes that fit the size and age range of the children, and make sure they’re made from eco-friendly materials like recycled cotton, polyester, and other earth-conscious fabric.

The best clothes are stylish and are built to last many wash-and-dry cycles. They can also be handed down through the generations, which is the ultimate way to maximize sustainability.

Trust us – give some great kids clothes to your new-parent friends, and your generosity will never be forgotten!


Eco-friendly gifts are everywhere; you just need to know where to look. Follow this guide, and you will give the perfect gift every single time.


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