Money-Saving Mom Hacks: Expecting Multiple Kids

Money-Saving Mom Hacks: Expecting Multiple Kids

Are you expecting multiples? We’ve compiled the best mom hacks for saving you money before your little ones even arrive. 

We all know how stressful budgeting for pregnancy and the mom life is. Add in multiples, and you’ve got a whole lot of new stressors knocking on your door, especially if this is your first time. That’s why we’ve done the digging for you. We’ve come up with some of the best money-saving life hacks for your future multiples.

These parenting tips, tricks, and DIY hacks will save you time and money on the little things so you can take care of all the new duties that come with parenthood of multiples!

Buy Sustainable

One of our favorite mom hacks is buying quality, sustainable clothing. Sustainable clothing is built better. It’s typically made of higher quality materials, and it will save time in the long run when you don't need to keep replacing clothing. These companies have thought about more than just the bottom line when it comes to producing their products. 

Sustainable brands pride themselves on sourcing the best materials they can find and producing their garments in a thoughtful way for their workers, for your baby, and for the environment. 

Many of these sustainable companies were founded by moms and dads like you who wanted something better and more accessible for their kiddos. They put their life’s work into making that a possibility for parents all around the world. 

Buy From Consignment Or Second-Hand Stores

Consignment outlets and thrift stores are going to be your new best friends. Seriously, it’s time to start making a map and corralling the senior citizens in your family to take you shopping on senior day.

Babies grow at an extremely fast rate, and when busy moms are buying for multiple babies, they will need quick and easy clothes to get on and off as well as easy on your budget.

Not only can you often find great deals on baby clothes at consignment shops, but you can also rest easy knowing that you’re doing your part environmentally. 

Ask Your Friends And Family For Their Unneeded Baby Items

Chances are you know a few new moms or moms who have had a baby or two in the past year. It is perfectly okay to ask those new moms if you can have or purchase anything used off them for your upcoming multiples.

This could be everything from strollers to bath toys to pacifiers, to even unused diapers in sizes their baby can no longer wear. We all fall prey to over purchasing when we have new kids on the way. It’s a parental right of passage as we try to get ahead of a problem.

One of our favorite ways to get friends and family involved is to write up a little email newsletter about your baby’s journey.

In this newsletter, you can share how your nursery is coming along, share photos of your baby bump, and put a call out at the end of the email for items that you are looking for used or second hand in your community. Use this newsletter to ask your friends and family to inquire with other new moms about these items, or even ask for their favorite cleaning hacks and teething tricks. Trust us, you'll need all the help you can get, and you might find a lifesaver.  

This is a great way to keep things light and connect and share your pregnancy with those around you, especially when at a time when we are unable to physically see each other as much as we used to.

Buy Only Functional Clothing And Skip the Cutesy Stuff

When purchasing for your littles, buy for function over fashion and go for gender-neutral, especially if you have fraternal twins. Then both of your babies can swap out on clothes, and you don’t have to worry about having a wardrobe for your newborn baby boy and newborn baby girl.

Use Washable Diapers And Washable Baby Wipes

You are already washing multiple loads of laundry a week. It doesn’t hurt to start washing reusable diapers and wipes to keep in your diaper bag. 

Diapers account for a large percentage of the garbage in our landfills. Depending on which disposable diapers are used, the average family spends between $70 and $80 a month on diapers alone. Not to mention the wipes for clean up. 

Multiply this cost by two for twins and three for triplets, and you’ve got a whole lot of money going into the trash with a whole lot of potty. 

Involve Your Relatives

Living near family that can help with child care will save you tons of money and tons of heartache. Hanging out with grandma free, mostly. 

Relying on your family to help with childcare means that your children get to form bonds with others in their extended family. Chances are your mom and dad will be able to look after your children and teach your children how you would, especially if you're not a stay-at-home mom or dad.

Living near family also means you can share things. If your sister had her first child a year ago, chances are she probably has a bouncer or car seat and a few other items you could borrow from her until her second child needs them to make life a little easier. 

This helps simplify and shorten the list of the items you need to purchase for your baby, ultimately saving you money.


If you have the production and the time, breastfeeding is the most affordable way to feed your new babies, even if it does wake you up in the middle of the night.

But breastfeeding doesn’t just save you money upfront, a whopping $1,700 according to the US surgeon general, but breastfeeding can also save you money on medical expenses down the line. 

Breastfeeding isn’t entirely free. You’ll still need supplies like bottles, nipples, freezer ziplock bags, ice packs, and a breast pump or two to make breastfeeding feasible for your lifestyle. These items can be easy to find from other mothers who have finished their breastfeeding journeys. 

Since bottles and nipples are reusable, you can search online or simply begin asking your friends if you can purchase the bottles and nipples they are no longer using. With proper sterilization, bottles and nipples can be reused time and time again.

Make Your Own Baby Food

When your babies get to the solid food stage, it’s time to start blending! Making your own baby food at home is not as time-consuming as people think, and it actually saves you money at the grocery store.

Making your own baby food also means that with the money you are saving, you can actually afford to feed your babies organic options that are low in sugar and fillers while being high in the fruits and veggies you want. Feeding your baby organically is good for your baby and the environment, and making it at home is good for your wallet! 

Double The Fun Doesn’t Have To Mean Double The Funds

In conclusion, there are endless parenting hacks on how to save with multiples. We could probably write twenty more of these posts, but with twins on the way, you likely won’t have the free time to read them (although you should take some time for self-care, too!). It’s best to remember: 

  • Buy sustainably — These clothes are built to last.
  • Borrow when you can — save up front money and save space and waste as you can return it.
  • Ask for help — Enlist family for child care and to help you find gently used items from other mothers to add to your arsenal.
  • When you can, make it yourself — Whether breastfeeding or baby food. You’ll also create less waste making your own over prepackaged.

Most importantly, remember to slow down and savor the cuddles. You’ve got double the fun in your future!

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