Last-Minute Gifts For Expecting Mothers

Last-Minute Gifts For Expecting Mothers

Know someone who’s pregnant and forgot to get them a gift? We’ve done all the research and put together the ultimate and most thoughtful gift guide for expecting mothers. 

This gift guide will help you get out of a jam when you’ve waited till the last minute to get your very special pregnant friend a gift. Choose something memorable and relaxing from this list for the pregnant women in your life who are about to embark on an incredible journey with their new baby.

Pick up any one of the following last-minute gifts for an expecting mother.

A Memory Foam Wedge Pillow

We’ve all heard how incredibly hard it can be to get comfortable doing just about anything, much less sleeping, as a pregnant woman. Treat the mother to be with a soft, body contouring, memory foam wedge that will make finding the right sleeping position a whole lot easier every night so she can get more rest leading up to the birth of the new baby.

Plus, a pillow like this is an excellent assist with soothing, nursing, feeding, and cuddling after the baby is born and home from the hospital.

A Nursing/Feeding Donut

These feeding donuts are irreplaceable. They make feeding the baby a breeze in almost any setting. They also come in lots of fun colors and patterns, and the covers are typically removable and washable, so they can easily be laundered and refreshed.

Cooling Foot Balm

One of the first things that begins to swell up when pregnant is a poor pregnant woman’s toes. Gift her some cooling foot balm that will bring her some relief throughout her pregnancy when her feet begin to swell.

This is also something great that mom and dad can do together throughout the pregnancy.

Newborn And Mommy Matching PJ set

There is nothing cuter than matching outfits. Mommy and baby will look absolutely precious in coordinating pajamas. Pick out a quality pajama set that will be comfortable for both mommy and baby to wear around the house the first few days after leaving the hospital. 

That way, the expecting mother doesn’t have to think twice about what to wear. Plus, the pajamas are also the perfect outfit for a memorable mommy and me photographic moment.

A Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal is a great gift for a first-time mom. There are so many firsts throughout a pregnancy that having a beautiful and memorable way to keep track of all the new feelings and experiences will make a beautiful gift.

Pregnancy journals are a place for a mom to be able to write down her hopes and dreams for her little one and gives her a place to reference back to if she has another pregnancy later on, or simply as a place to hold all those memories that you’re making with your baby before they’re even born. 

Belly Balm

We all know how much bellies grow and change once becoming pregnant. Gift the mother to be a soothing belly balm that helps calm irritated, stretched skin, and is healthy and organic for the baby. 

Belly balms can help keep stretch marks at bay as well as promote healthy and vibrant new skin.

A Baby’s Foot Print Memory Kit

A new baby’s first footprints are an iconic first in the life of a mother. Give the expecting mother some way to create and display a perfect replica of her baby’s sweet little feet and toes. 

A Hospital Comfort Kit

Hospitals can be cold and uncomfortable places for new moms. It’s also incredibly easy to get wrapped up in the urgency of making it to the hospital only to realize you’ve forgotten all your toiletries. Make sure she has everything she needs by packing her a comfort kit. 

You can include:

  • Warm socks to keep their toes warm in the cold hospital room.

  • A travel toothbrush and toothpaste. Everyone needs fresh breath and clean teeth, even expecting mothers.

  • Travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and deodorant just in case they forgot theirs.

  • Dry Shampoo to refresh bed head.

  • Lip balm for chapped lips.

  • Nursing pads for those little accidents while learning to nurse.

  • Snacks, these are pretty self-explanatory.

  • A phone charger in case they forgot theirs. 

  • A disposable camera just for all the nostalgia and for photographing those little moments in the first few days for a baby album.

  • A pair of flip flops to make getting to the bathroom more manageable and more comfortable.

  • Body Lotion for soothing dry skin.

  • A comb and some detangling spray for taming flyaways.

  • Makeup samples from their favorite brands so they can look their best without having to bring their entire makeup bag.

A Gift Certificate For A Pedicure

We all know that it gets more challenging for a pregnant woman to see her own feet after a certain amount of time. Why not give her a pedicure and foot massage gift certificate so she can soothe swollen feet while pampering herself with a new toenail color. Even if she can’t see it to enjoy it, she’ll have cute little freshly painted swollen toes in her flip flops.

Baby’s First Ornament

There is nothing more special than a baby’s first holiday. Why not gift the expecting mother a great way to remember their baby’s first year with a custom ornament. 

This ornament could include the baby’s initials, birthweight, due date, and birthdate for the family to look back on each year as they decorate for the holidays.

Epsom Salt Body Soak

Everything gets sore when you are pregnant, and there is nothing in this world more relaxing and indulgent to a pregnant woman or a new mom than a nice relaxing soak in the bathtub.

Epsom salt soaks help with inflammation, soothe skin, and relax the mind. Stick to scents that will promote calm and relaxation for the new mom, like lavender or chamomile, to help the mom-to-be have a little downtime to themselves to unwind. 

A Subscription Box For New Moms

There are so many great products out there to make a new mom’s life easier. A new mom subscription box will send monthly samples and full-sized products for new moms to see if they like them.

These boxes usually offer discounts to the new mom if she does end up enjoying a product so she can save money trying out new products and learning new things.

A Special Outfit For Bringing Home Baby

It’s an age-old tradition to dress the baby up in a memorable or fancy new outfit for heading home from the hospital. The best rule of thumb is to buy something from the mom’s favorite brand or something that fits with her sustainable ideals.

Choose an outfit that is made of quality materials and fits with the new mom’s style and taste. Be sure to look at her online registries before making a decision so you can get her exactly what she likes.

An Organic Throw For Easy Cuddling During Baby Naps

There will be lots of cuddle time for both mom and baby once the baby comes home from the hospital. Why not make this more comfortable for both of them by giving the mother a sustainable or organic throw to keep both mommy and baby warm during nursing or naps.

New Mom, Who This?

In conclusion, we hope this gift guide gives you lots of inspiration for some last-minute gifts you can give an expecting mother. Mothers love an opportunity to make memories with their new little ones, and this gift guide has no shortage of useful and memorable things that both mommy and baby will enjoy.

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