Baby Gifts: Unique Ideas That Will Benefit Baby and Parents

Baby Gifts: Unique Ideas That Will Benefit Baby and Parents

You want your present to be special, thoughtful, and unique. Something that says you care. The best gifts are embedded with intention. If you’re searching out gifts for a precious baby in your life, you might be wondering where to start. We can help you with that! 

At Mon Coeur, we believe in childhood wonder and imagination—it’s the inspiration behind all of our sustainable children’s clothing. Quality isn’t the finish line for us. We embrace the ingenuity that reflects in all that our little ones do and create. 

Fun meets function here, meaning that everything serves a greater good and practical purpose. Gone are the days of owning items just “to have.” We want our things to be personal and purposeful, full of love and integrity, and good for not only us and our little ones—but the environment and all who inhabit it! 

Sustainable Clothing

Babies grow so quickly! One minute they’re tiny little ones nestled in the nook of your arm, and the next, you’re resting your arm on the couch shoulder while you feed so your arm doesn’t give out. General guidelines suggest that babies grow about 1 inch a month and gain 5 to 7 ounces a week in the first six months, and you can expect a baby to triple their size by the first year. Some parents claim that their baby grows overnight! 

Parents will collect so many articles of clothing over this time. Cheap, quickly assembled t-shirts and onesies are inexpensive because they’re made with poor fibers and mass-produced with little regulation or concern for the planet. These materials do not make for very comfortable wear. Because they’re low quality, they’re quick to be donated or even tossed in the trash—creating more pollution and populating our landfills. More than ever, we need to consider the environment in everything we consume—including the clothing we buy. 

Sustainably made clothing is for babies, too! Comfort is key, which is why these clothes are made from recycled cotton, polyester, and elastane without using harmful dyes and chemicals. This way, you don’t need to worry about poor reactions to highly sensitive skin. And not to mention, they’re pretty dang adorable. These pieces are meant to last, which makes them excellent contenders as hand-me-down pieces (something we certainly suggest!) And because they’re so cute and so comfortable, you can feel good knowing baby is feeling good, too. 

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are an investment that pays back in the long run—both for parents and the environment. While cloth diapers, depending on the brand and quantity purchased, can be a larger upfront investment (potentially $300), they’ll last the entirety of the diapered years. They can even be recycled and reused after diaper-days as rags. We love to repurpose and reimagine a product’s original use! 

Cloth diapers can be a big commitment for a family because they typically need more routine changing (remember—a dry baby is a happy baby!) Even if cloth diapers are used during the day, and a disposable is used at night (or whatever the proper routine proves it be), it can significantly cut back on waste and spending. 

Recycled Cotton Cloths 

You can find cotton cloths made of recycled organic material that are perfect for burp cloths, meaning that you can give a gift that is truly unique. These cloths are limitless in what they can be potentially used for, and are rather affordable, too. Do good and feel good by knowing you’re utilizing completely purposeful, recyclable fabrics in your day-to-day life. 

Silicone Feeding Trays

Most parents introduce foods to their baby between 4-6 months. This is a delightful, explorative, tasty time that gets incredibly messy! Gifting parents a first food set that’s made out of 100% safe silicon is a thoughtful addition that meets both practical and sustainable needs. Silicon is highly durable and meant to last, so one solid set is all the family needs. 

These small sets help define motor skills—like how to self-feed with a very soft spoon. Find a set that is light-weight and easy for travel, fits in high-chairs, doesn’t slip or slide, and is branded as BPA, BPS, PVS, phthalate, and latex-free. 

Eco Friendly Pacifiers

Pacifiers are a staple for a teething little one. It’s time to say goodbye to plastic pacifiers and hello to 100% rubber, eco-friendly pacifiers. Rubber is durable yet soft. Many are designed in one single piece eliminating any risk of choking hazards. And, of course, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free.

Natural rubber is harvested from the sap in havea trees, a sustainable practice as the tree does not suffer from rubber tapping (the means by which farmers extract the sap to later be produced into rubber.) Many, if not all, of these pacifiers, are created with care and the baby’s dental tract in mind—molded with orthopedic tips to aid in proper teeth alignment. 

Making An Impact

Your present will certainly stand out because it’s making an impact. It’s never too early to introduce our little ones to sustainable consciousness! In today’s world, it’s rather hard to be perfect—but it’s possible to be intentional. Besides, with so many different items on the market today, leading with a sustainable mindset helps cut through the competition and discover great brands with wonderful ethos. Shopping small is shopping sustainably. It’s original and unique—just like the sweet babe in your life! 


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