Baby Clothing Every New Mom Should Own: A Practical Guide To Dressing Your Newborn

Baby Clothing Every New Mom Should Own: A Practical Guide To Dressing Your Newborn

Becoming a new mom is a magical experience. Bonding with your little one and enjoying post nursing snuggles are some of the happiest moments of a new mother’s life, but dressing a new arrival isn’t all roses or that sweet new baby smell. 

It can be a tough job, especially if you are a new mom with no background knowledge of what you need and how much you need to have. That’s where we come in. 

We’ve put together a one-stop guide to help new moms feel prepared and ready to take on the exciting new journey of motherhood! Follow this guide and checklist to learn everything you need to know when it comes to dressing your precious new baby boy or baby girl.

The New Mom’s Guide To Dressing A Newborn

The first thing to take into account is sizing. Babies grow very quickly, and available sizing varies per brand. At the same time, others offer 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, and so forth. 

We suggest, when given the option to have variable sizing, take it. Always purchase your baby’s clothes with the concept of their quick growth on your mind. It is absolutely okay if your baby’s sleepwear bodysuits or onesies are a little roomy. Your baby’s weight can change in a matter of days!

The Newborn Going Home Checklist:

  • Going home outfit —A sweet outfit for documenting all of the firsts with your little bundle of joy is exciting and important. This outfit can be a sentimental gift from a family member or something you and your partner or spouse have chosen together.
  • Side tie/side snap t-shirt — These side snap shirts are very convenient for accessibility of your sweet newborns’ umbilical cord until it falls off. 
  • Swaddling/burp cloths — These cloths work overtime and sometimes double duty. Not only can these be used for when you need to swaddle your sweet baby, but they can also be used for birthing after nursing or bottle time or can be used as a reusable diaper in a pinch. A great example of this is when babies accidentally poop all over themselves in their car seat!
  • Three or four-pack of onesies — believe it or not, this multipack is going to save your life. In the first few weeks, you will need three to four of these a day as you and baby get settled into routines.
  • Stretchy and soft pull-on pants — These soft, stretchy jogger pants will help deal with the variable temperatures throughout the day. Making sure the baby stays cozy and comfortable, but also so you can easily remove them for changing a diaper or nappy when needed!
  • Footie pajamas or cotton zippered or snappable sleeping gowns— These types of one-piece footed or enclosed pajamas are not only adorable, but they are incredibly helpful for keeping baby’s temperature even while they sleep since a blanket is not recommended.

The Fun-damental Facts Of Your Growing Munchkin

Besides the occasional specialty outfit, baby’s first six weeks of clothing will be fundamental. These are the times that baby is getting to know what it’s like to be outside of the warm and comfy womb, and as mommy and baby get to know each other’s needs, habits, and routines, it’s best to keep things simple and stick to the basics.

Keep in mind that most newborn clothes fit babies from five to seven pounds. Most babies will grow out of the newborn size in the first few weeks, so keeping some 0-3 and 3-6 sizes on hand will benefit you and the baby!

Basic Baby Dressing Needs For The First Six Weeks:

1. Onesies

Being a newborn gets messy. Spit ups and explosive poops can be an everyday occurrence. Keeping three to four onesies or sleepers on hand for a single day’s use is optimum for you and for the baby. 

Rompers or cozy jumpsuits with a little more coverage can be good to have on hand as well. 

Baby mishaps are just moments for cuddling.

We suggest stocking up on a week’s worth of onesies, whether you're unisex or personalized to your baby. It is best to have at least eight or so onesies in your arsenal, so you don’t have to wash your baby’s clothes every day if they have multiple mishaps. At this point, it may already be worth investing in some bibs so that you can avoid messes.


If you do find yourself in the situation of constant laundry, make sure you are taking care of your baby’s clothes and washing them correctly so they will last you as long as you need them, especially if you invest in quality materials like organic cotton.

2. Have Some Adorable Essentials For Those Picturesque Moments

It’s absolutely okay to have a few fitted outfits for your baby at every stage. There is nothing cuter than a precious progress photo with your baby in that sweet set of baby overalls or swimsuit from your sister. 

When shopping for your baby, keep in mind that friends and family will love to get you those one-of-a-kind special occasion outfits that are on your wishlist as new baby gifts at a baby shower or otherwise. That way, you can spend your budget stocking up on the essentials and still have those picture-perfect moments.

3. Simple Newborn Cotton T-shirts

You will need both short-sleeve and long-sleeve t-shirts in your arsenal no matter the time of year. 

A Simple Shirt Saves Time!

These gender-neutral cotton shirts will give you something easy you can change baby into with just their diaper or a pair of leggings if you are between bath time and nap time or just hanging around the house.

4. Booties And Socks And Mittens

We’ve got to keep those fingers and toes warm! There is nothing sweeter than baby toes, except for maybe when a little hand wraps around your finger while you nurse your newborn. 

In this day and age, cotton isn’t the only breathable and warm fiber used in newborn and children’s clothing, there are several quality and sustainable materials out there that are safely being used to help keep your baby comfortable and protected from the elements. 

Extra, Extra, Feet All About it!

Baby’s hands and feet can drastically change temperature, so having a few sets of baby booties and mittens on hand. 

We promise you will lose one every now and then, so keep a few extra pairs of baby socks in the diaper bag, at home, at grandma’s. They are tiny, and you can easily stow a few pairs in the glove box should you need them while traveling around with baby.

5. Cotton Newborn Cap

We know that keeping a baby warm and cozy is essential to baby’s comfort. Purchasing the right baby clothes creates the coziness that reminds newborns of their safe and comfy first home in the womb. This helps the baby feel settled and have a lower response to external stressors. 

Be sure to keep some easy cotton caps on hand to keep sweet baby’s head warm. This (and other warm outerwear and hoodies) is especially important baby gear to have for any winter outings or brisk walks with the stroller before baby’s first hairs begin to grow in!

Keep Things Simple To Keep New Mom Chaos To A Minimum!

In conclusion, keep things simple. Follow the newborn checklist and expand on that through the first few weeks. After the first week, you will grasp what is really important for your baby and your situation for the first six weeks the baby is home. 

Getting into a routine with laundry will make sure you have the clothing tools on hand to tackle your baby’s every need at any time, but having a few spare sets of everything doesn’t hurt. Just remember that baby’s size will begin to grow with good eating habits and a great routine with mom, so eventually, you'll need to start buying for your little toddler boys and toddler girls!



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