Virtual Baby Shower Ideas And Games While Keeping Everyone Safe During COVID

Virtual Baby Shower Ideas And Games While Keeping Everyone Safe During COVID

The big question is, how to host a virtual baby shower?

The Covid 19 outbreak has many expecting parents considering the family’s health and safety in ways they never have before—one of the biggest concerns being how to plan their baby shower safely and responsibly. 

In this post, we’ll discuss all the ways to plan a virtual baby shower so your friends and family can be involved in one of the most monumental moments in your life: parenthood.

In this digital age, staying connected is easier than ever, and hosting a virtual baby shower is not a new concept. Even before the current pandemic, many parents have taken portions of their baby showers online to connect with family and friends that live further away.

Here are some clever ways to plan a memorable virtual baby shower that will be fun and unique for those involved:

Online Registries

Most big box stores already host baby registries online. Be sure to check with your favorite retailers to see if your friends and family will be able to purchase from your registry through their online store.

Make a list where you prioritize things that you want so that people know exactly what you want. We’ve also put together this excellent gift guide for expecting mothers as a reference for your online registries. 

You can include these lists in your invitation so that guests can choose to get something you need or want.  Choose a receiving date for the gifts so you can have them all arrive before the shower date.

Create A Facebook Group For Your Baby Shower

A Facebook group allows you to include certain people and make the group public or private. In this group, you can create and share the event for your baby shower and post the details on how the event will work. 

Enlist a friend to co-host the Facebook group shower with you so they can keep track of the comments and help with the pacing of the shower so you and your partner can focus on the party and having a good time! 

You will be able to share announcements and videos regularly to get people excited about your upcoming little one. A great way to get guests involved before the big day is to post baby-bump progress photos and ultrasounds from recent doctor visits.

Integrating Technology Into Your Baby Shower

We suggest two forms of streaming for your shower. Invite your closest friends and family into a Zoom call, and then stream that Zoom live in your Facebook group.

  • It allows you to have people you love directly interact on the day of the shower. These friends and family members will be your in-house attendees. They will be there to support you through all the awkward moments of hosting an online shower.

  • This will keep the Zoom from being crowded, so you don’t have to worry about managing technology or people talking over each other.

  • Live streaming the Zoom will allow other friends and family to interact with you live at the shower through likes and comments on the stream within the Facebook group. 

Don’t worry. The friends and family who are invited to live stream will understand that having 25 people in a Zoom call is a nightmare. This tactic will let you involve all the people that are important to you while still having a manageable and fun shower! 

Open Your Gifts Through The Live Stream

For the opening of the gifts, you and your spouse can take turns opening a present, reading the card, and thanking the person who gifted the gift. It can be kind of awkward at first opening gifts to a camera, but this is where your small Zoom call group comes in.

You’ll be able to hear and see each person’s reactions while you open their gift. You’ll also be able to see the outpouring of love and comments on the Live Stream in the Facebook group, so you truly feel connected to everyone supporting you! 

How To Play A Baby Shower Game In Your Baby Shower Facebook Group

Playing baby shower games through the live stream of your Zoom call will allow guests to get involved, just like a regular baby shower. You can even send them a gift card as their prize for winning the baby game!

Two Virtual Games To Play With Your Baby Shower Guests

  • Who’s that Baby? Ask all the group members to send you a baby picture of them to you through Facebook messenger. 

There are two ways to play this:

Play it in real-time in the live video by printing each picture out and holding it up. Allow guests to comment on the chat to guess for each photo.

Or, while your live stream is running, post each picture one at a time into the Facebook group allowing attendees to type their guess on each picture post. 

How to tally points: As each picture is guessed correctly, write the winner and their points for each round on a whiteboard during the live stream. The person with the most points is the ultimate Big Baby Winner!

  • Baby Shower Gift Bingo

  • This classic baby shower game translates well to the virtual model. To play this game, you need a bingo card. Post it to your Facebook group before the party starts so everyone can be ready to play.

    Just like the classic game, guests mark off the bingo spots as you open your gifts during the live video. The first person to yell out bingo in the Zoom call or post “Bingo!” on the Facebook live chat is the winner.

    Virtual Showers Are Inherently Eco Friendly

    One of the great perks of hosting your baby shower virtually means that you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact. With a virtual shower, there are no disposable plates or cups and minimal gift wrap involved— great for the environment, and it makes things easier for you! 

    Instead, gifts show up in their boxes from being shipped (unless someone drops off their gift in person), which contributes to less waste from all the ribbons and bows. 

    This helps new parents begin making environmentally friendly choices for their new baby right from the start and will only help influence future purchasing and gathering decisions for your family.

    Is Virtual The New Event Normal?

    We know that it doesn’t feel normal to trade out in-person connections with those we love with Zoom calls and via our smart devices. But with a little creativity and a well-planned virtual event, you can have just as much fun at your virtual baby shower as you would in-person. 

    And you know what the bonus of having it virtual is? There is virtually no clean up after, and your friends and family will be able to continue to support you through this Facebook group you have built around your shower.

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